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CZ Lyrics |  - Feel U
Vlastní vyhledávání

 Feel U
  Tune Da Radio (2002)

1  Intro
2  Tune Da Radio
3  Sweet Little Something
4  Too Late My Son
5  Let's Dance
6  Nodding
7  Feel U
8  In Da Yard
9  About The Joy
10  Looking For Myself
11  So Deep In
12  Wareligion
13  M.F.Stealing
14  Fisherman's Friend

Tell me 'bout ya feelings in wild rain
Tell me 'bout the beauty with no fame
Tell me 'bout the things I haven't seen
Tell me 'bout your every little mystery
All I want to know taht you're my only rising star
Tell me 'bout ya feelings in ya head
Gotta tell me 'bout the times u look so sad

Feel U

Tell me 'bout ya feelings in wild rain
Tell me 'bout the blood runs in your veins
Tell me 'bout the mornings which we've spent
'bout the days and nights, I wish they would never end
Mornings wakes me up and you're in my mind
And the only way to heal is take a time

All I want to know if that was real
Wake me up I'm dreaming that's surreal

You don't know why I should feel
You think you're dreaming but I'm real
You close your eyes and see
There is no surprise there's just u and me

Feel U

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