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CZ Lyrics |  Monkey Business - Old Schooler
Vlastní vyhledávání

 Monkey Business
 Old Schooler

  Save The Robots (2001)

1  Save The Robots
2  Sensation
3  Purified Juice
4  Dirty
5  Batteries & Dynamite
6  Monkey Town
7  Blue Umbrella
8  Old Schooler
9  John Holmes Was My Platonic Lover
10  Atheism Is Not A Crime
11  All The Bitches

All around the Glazy Town
are treasures to be found
Do not worry about the way you aim
I want to show you round
I ask for little of your time
But we can go forever
Some people quit before they start
and that is not so clever

You can feel me moving close
I hope it is O. K.
Because I believe the more you scream
the less you have to say
No chips on my shoulder
for you are quite a sight
And though I am getting bolder
I know you will be all right


Don´t worry about it
I am an oldschooler
It is more than a habit
It is a state of mind

Is losing it´s appeal
I do not believe in waiting
Just to get a better deal
I don´t change my tempo
I like that oldskool mount
and if you listen closely
then you may come around

The things you really need to see
are never in your file
And if you are rushing to succeed
Will failure be your style
Of all the magic powers
I want the one to heal
Every scar you hiding
Then you will know for real

I am still so undecided
What this is coming to
If he should try to call me
I do not know what I will do

Don´t worry about it
I am an oldschooler
It is more than a habit
It is a state of mind

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