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CZ Lyrics |  Monkey Business - All The Bitches
Vlastní vyhledávání

 Monkey Business
 All The Bitches

  Save The Robots (2001)

1  Save The Robots
2  Sensation
3  Purified Juice
4  Dirty
5  Batteries & Dynamite
6  Monkey Town
7  Blue Umbrella
8  Old Schooler
9  John Holmes Was My Platonic Lover
10  Atheism Is Not A Crime
11  All The Bitches

The season of the bitch
Gives you no latitude
Gives you no warning
You know it is time to stop
Watching soaps on the tube
Time to stop moaning
Take a look
Take it before it is too late
There is no warning
Troubles are piling high
Action long overdue
Will you stop hiding

All around sister bitch
One never knows
Never sees it coming

Your ice cream is melting on the ground
Due to your own behavior
You are shaking
Voices of your friends not sounding true
Life is out of tune
Your brain is concrete mixed with glue
You feel like crying
But you are tired and now you understand
he seasons starts
Your stocks are falling
So you turn around and simply go to sleep
You know it is good
You will always like it

All around sister bitch
One never knows
Never sees it coming

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