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CZ Lyrics |  Monkey Business - All The Things
Vlastní vyhledávání

 Monkey Business
 All The Things

  Resistance Is Futile (2003)

1  Resistance Is Futile
2  We Feel Better Than Jan Hus
3  Intercooler
4  Eat Me Oh Mylady
5  All The Things
6  Are You Shure?
7  Harder Than Your Father
8  Sweet Masturbation
9  Heaven
10  Now I'm Here
11  Am I An Airhead?

Only thing that you really need
And the one that you want to keep
Is me I know
All alone you will never breathe
Without me you can never see
The light I know
Be still
And we can do more than fantasize
A little spark which is hope for us
Whenever we unite
We make the world so bright
Little chance
And the cinders dance
We have no other commitments
I know you are ready for me
I know you will always be
Only thing that you really need?
I am holding the master key
To your future and destiny
Night chill
Is only good till you realize
We unite there´s no chance for us
Whenever we unite?
I know you are ready for me
Doing all right doing all right
I know you will always be
Burning through the ceiling

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