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CZ Lyrics |  - Intercooler
Vlastní vyhledávání

  Resistance Is Futile (2003)

1  Resistance Is Futile
2  We Feel Better Than Jan Hus
3  Intercooler
4  Eat Me Oh Mylady
5  All The Things
6  Are You Shure?
7  Harder Than Your Father
8  Sweet Masturbation
9  Heaven
10  Now I'm Here
11  Am I An Airhead?

I take it easy all the time
Ever since I realized
Life is little more
Than rolling on the highway
I am not looking for
Changes in the mandate
And when I get a bruise
I fix it with a band aid
Happy with my part
I am telling you daily
Tell me will it start
Ringing some bells
I will carry on
Just how I like it
I will not become
Somebody else
Somebody else
Traffic may be slow
But I?m not trying
Changing lanes at all
Having a spell
Flash your light away
Turn on the siren
I will not become
Somebody else
Somebody else
I take it easy all the time?
Somebody else
Try to hang it on
Somebody else
Leading in the damn race

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