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CZ Lyrics |  - Silence
Vlastní vyhledávání

  Kiss Me On My Ego (2005)

1  Chick Flick
2  Weekend Warrior
3  Branded
4  Silence
5  Golddigger
6  Flirting High and Low
7  Slapstick
8  We Luv Ya
9  Artistic Suicide
10  Concrete Illusions
11  Equilibrium
12  Kiss Me On My Ego
13  Don't Touch My Fruit

No way
You wanna keep little silence
I heard it all before
Gotta lead you out the door

Would you like to save your pretty lies maybe
God knows
God knows
I´m a little bit high
And I want to hear me only

Every day as I count the locusts
My malady is quick to grow
Leaving me dry
And a little bit too lonely

You don´t have to show me your ranges
I would like to cancel this meeting
God knows
God knows
I wanna be left on my own

I will have to be here for ages
Judging from your manner of speaking
God knows
God knows
I wanna be left on my own
Not lonely

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