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CZ Lyrics |  - Golddigger
Vlastní vyhledávání

  Kiss Me On My Ego (2005)

1  Chick Flick
2  Weekend Warrior
3  Branded
4  Silence
5  Golddigger
6  Flirting High and Low
7  Slapstick
8  We Luv Ya
9  Artistic Suicide
10  Concrete Illusions
11  Equilibrium
12  Kiss Me On My Ego
13  Don't Touch My Fruit

Here comes the golddigger
Looking for prey in the town
She is a lust trigger
And she is hitting the ground
Here comes the golddigger
Looking for prey in the town
She is a
She is a
A size bigger
Time to take you down

She looks for someone new
before her funds will drain
It´s time to hitch her carriage
To the speeding train

Standing on the grill
the wind blows up her skirt
Just like in the movies
She will hit pay dirt
as you will enter the race

Getting her attention
does not seem so hard
Jingle with your car keys
and the show will start

She is entertaining
and she likes to play
Something I gotta tell you
better walk away
before you turn into clay

Yet you know it´s plain
Yet you know it´s plain
Just to fly from her nest
You know it´s plain

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