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CZ Lyrics Texty písní českých skupin

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CZ Lyrics |  - Rap Song
- Rap Song
The way you shake it lady, I have to sigh.
I get emotional with the motion of your thighs.
You gotta secret potion that I can´t deny,
And to your body language I can´t help but reply.

What´s your name, baby? You off the chain, baby
I would be insane crazy if I didn´t holler atcha.
I ain´t got no game, baby, improvising like Wayne Brady.
I´m like Dain, lady, you´re the one that all the baller´s after.
Hair, fresh. Jeans, tight. Purse, Vers, crazy, white.
Yeah, I know little ´bout fashion, baby,
You know a lot about shakin´ it, eh?
No disrespect. I don´t mind a little hard-to-get.
You can drop it like it´s hot, pop it like a lot,
Just lookin´ at your body makes me want to sweat.

(You can´t touch, but you can look. You like the way I shook.)
I think I hear a busy signal, girl, cause you off the hook.
(I´m off the Richter baby, yeah, my body got you shook.)
Girl, gimme your number or something,
I´ll throw away little black book.

I like those pink stilettos, your demeanor´s so bujetto.
The way you move is perfecto, you make a brother work (I´m tired!)
But you ain´t broke a sweat though, I hadda wipe my eyes from the get go
´Cause you look so sweet, don´t let go, I´m about to go berserk
It´s getting hot in here. You takin´ off clothes? (Not in here!)
I´m just playin´, know what I´m sayin´?
You can´t front, you´ve got a rear.
No disrespect, sugar I really gonna be a wreck.
The way you shake ´er, that money maker,
guaranteed to put a brother like me in debt.

(You can´t touch, but you can look.).........

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