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CZ Lyrics |  - Just A Girl
- Just A Girl
You walkin´ out the door ? I´M NOT,
a man that beg for more ? BUT U GOT,
my head in the clouds.
And you wanna leave me now.

Love had a surprise ? WHEN I.
When I looked into your eyes ? GOT TRICKED,
by all your lies.
You wanna bring me down.

You just a girl. You just a girl.


When you lying in my bed ? WHEN YOU.
When you going through my head ? I´M DOING.
I´m doing all you said.
Your dreaming now.

You stab me in my back ? MY BACK.
By falling in the sack ? SACK.
And you only use love,
to antagonize.

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Her name was Patty.
The girl was kinda catty.
She had a way of calling me daddy.

Early oneday she called me up on the phone.
She was in luck because a player was home.
I picked up the phone.
She was moaning and groaning.
I said hello baby was going on.
She said can you come over today.
I said hell yeah baby right away.

Now I´m moving.
On 24´s cruisin.
Turn the corner yall.
The box boomin.
Thinkin bout Pat the way she swings.
Catty Patty was a sure thing.
She had an ass made by design.
Man I seen it.
This girl was made for love.
And I mean it.
And like a child does with his baby sitter.
I was going to have a fit if I cant.
Get with her.
I reach Patty´s home.
Rung the bell.
She wasn´t home!

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You just a girl.
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