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CZ Lyrics Texty písní českých skupin

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CZ Lyrics |  - If U Want It
- If U Want It
I put it out there, made it easy for you,
and I know that you know whatcha gotta do.
You gotta slide in and move real close,
but too much of you could be an overdose.
I can tell that you´re right in to me,
the look on your face is all that I need,
And the way that you move up and down my body,
givin´ me the fever, come on, baby.

Don´t stop, get ready, drop the floor if you want more.
Break it down to the ground with the beat, feel the heat, baby.

If you want it, baby just come and get it.
I got you all hot and bothered,
tonight I won´t be leavin´, no,
So if you want it, you better hurry up and get it.
No time for second guessin´,
So come on baby, if you want it.

Just at the start, we gotta take it easy,
nice and slow, then you can please me.
Ready or not, then we hit the spot,
Then we can for sure that we got it or not.
Leave me on the floor, then you gotta take the lead,
show how it´s done when it comes easily,
You gotta let me know what´s playin´ on your mind.
When I gotcha here don´t wanna pass up this time.

Don´t stop, get ready.......

Take your time slow
and bring it all up.
  Break The Silence (2005)

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