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CZ Lyrics Texty písní českých skupin

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CZ Lyrics |  - Cold Wind
- Cold Wind
Like a cold wind down
an empty street,
I pass by the places we used to meet,
The gray sky is cold and hard as stone.

The silence now where
we played in the park,
On the bench where
you held me in the dark,
Reminds me that
you are gone and I´m alone.

Free as the wind
and cold as winter,
I wander the world we shared,
Searching for traces of warmth lef in the
places where somebody cared.

I wander the memories once more,
Watching the ghosts of who we were,
Searching for signs I might have missed before.


Maybe a scrap of hope remains
right in the midst of despair,
And maybe I´m foolish to believe there
must be something there.

  Break The Silence (2005)

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