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CZ Lyrics Texty písní českých skupin

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CZ Lyrics |  - Break The Silence
- Break The Silence
I can bust the killer moves,
and I can pump the killer grooves all night.
I can rock the microphone
and dazzle you with video and lights.
When the band kicks in with the volume jacked
as high as it will go.
And the dancers take the stage
it´s really quite a show.
But if I don´t connect with you,
then we can all just pack up and go home.

Everybody has a need
to reach out to another human soul.
(You know you need it.)
Everybody has a need
to know that somehow they are not alone,
(to be completed).
Got a lot inside and I´ve got to get it to you
Don´t ya know.
And if we don´t connect,
then what´s the whole thing for?
You can love me, you can hate me,
long as I don´t leave you cold.

All I want - is to break down the silence,
All I want - is to bridge the gap between us,
All I want - is to make a connection,
All I want - is to get through to you,
That´s all I want.

I´ve got to get my message through,
Get my message through to you,
If it´s all I ever do,
I´ve got to get to you.

  Break The Silence (2005)

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